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Making visitors’ life easier: real time in-situ information


Ever been to a crowded sporting venue or concert, hoping you wouldn’t have to wait too long to get in, hoping the souvenir shop wouldn’t be congested, or simply hoping the snack bar queue wouldn’t be holding you to long? Well we have, and we also understand it’s a major concern for most visitors. That’s why we thought we could make use of Hubiquitus to solve this issu.

How? by providing visitors with real time information about the waiting times of all key point of interest (POIs) of a venue (gates, shops, restaurants, toilets…). This information can be delivered to a large number screens, whether mobile, tablettes, or TVs. The information is collected and pushed to visitors’ by field teams from mobile phones. Sensors can also be installed to automatically provide updated information.

All year long we sit a few blocks away from Roland Garros. We thought this would make a nice use case for a prototype, made out of two components:

Component 1: Field teams have on their phone a simple, but yet efficient way to see the POIs congestion (great way to informe visitors look for help by the way):

They are just 2 clicks away from modifying the status:

The new status is instantly modified on a visitors’ specific interface that works multi devices (component 2). We tested it from mobile phones, tablets, and even a connected Tv (googletv in this case), making it a fantastic dynamic billboard:

Let us know if you think this use case makes any interest, how we could extend it, and if you could make use of it for some of your own projects.

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